Forum Metabolomik Indonesia

Research Methodology (METOPEN)

  • RPKPS and RKPM
  • Finding Reliable Information
  • Literature Review
  • Survey Research
  • Data Presentation

Design of Experiments (RANCOB)

Analysis of Food and Agricultural Product I 

Analysis of Food and Agricultural Product II 

Food and Agricultural Product Chemistry (KPHP)

  • RPKPS and RPKM
  • Water
  • Protein
  • Enzyme
  • Student groups
  • Antioxidants
  • Pigments
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Quality Control (PM)


  • Berpikir Perubahan
  • Berfikir Kreatif
  • Berorientasi pada Tindakan


Advanced Food Analysis


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Documents – for Post-graduate Program

Scientific Communication II (KIP II)

Independent Study

Food Science (Pengetahuan Bahan Pangan) — for Department of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering

Food Biochemistry — for Chalmers University of Technology

Plant Design

Plant Design Evaluation

Guest Lectures 

Community Service (Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat)

Journal Club