Best Presenter Award RKI-PPKI 2020

Seminar of Indonesian Collaborative Research 2020

Dr. Widiastuti Setyaningsih was awarded as Best Presenter during the Seminar of RKI-PPKI Research 2020 which was held virtually by Airlangga University. She presented the findings of the research performed by a team of researchers from the University of Gadjah Mada, Bandung Institute of Technology, IPB University, and Airlangga University. The research entitled “Rapid Detection Method of Multi-Analyte Based on Colorimetric Sensor Arrays for Artificial Sweeteners”. Apart from producing a new sensor for the detection of sweeteners, her research group has prepared and published four manuscripts for Q1 and Q2 scientific journals. Dr. Setyaningsih was grateful for the World Class University program that supports the realization of this research project.

High-Quality Scientific Article Award for Health and Medicine 2020

Productive and High-Quality Intellectual Property Rights Award 2020, RISTEK-BRIN.

Widiastuti Setyaningsih received an award for the High-Quality Scientific Article for Health and Medicine 2020. The Ministry of Research and Technology-National Research and Innovation Agency (RISTEK-BRIN) initiated this program to encourage researchers to continue conducting their research and innovation for the future development of Indonesia.

Semi-finalist of L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science 2019

L’Oréal-UNESCO FWIS National program

Widiastuti Setyaningsih has been announced as a 2019 Semi-Finalist of L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science, awarded by the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, and PT. Loreal Indonesia. The program invites young Indonesian female researchers to submit their innovative research proposal for the sustainable development and the betterment of communities all over Indonesia. Setyaningsih proposed a research project entitled “Green analytical methods for bioactive compounds in most consumed edible flowers as reliable tools to assist the development of functional foods and nutraceuticals”. The determination of a wide range of phenolic compounds in edible flowers is important in order to take advantage of edible flowers as functional foods and nutraceuticals. This occurrence underlines the need to have reliable analytical methods for the identification and quantification of bioactive compounds in most consumed edible flowers.

Best Lecturer of FTP UGM 2019

56th Dies Natalis of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Widiastuti Setyaningsih has received the Best Lecturer Award 2019 by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The award was delivered by The Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology during the 56th Dies Natalis of the Faculty. Her excellent performance in her work with many responsibilities she carried has successfully brought her to the recognition.

Best Publication in Agro Cluster 2018

Malam Insan Berprestasi 2018, held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Meeting the end of 2018, Widiastuti Setyaningsih has received an award of The Best Publication in Agro Cluster. The award was delivered by the Rector of Universitas Gadjah Mada for her dedication to research and publication. One of her works has been published in Food Chemistry in 2017 with the title of “Multiresponse Optimization of A UPLC Method for The Simultaneous Determination of Tryptophan And 15 Tryptophan-Derived Compounds Using a Box-Behnken Design with a Desirability Function” received a high evaluation by the Publisher and Publication Board (BPP) of Universitas Gadjah Mada. Her hard works have successfully brought a positive impact to the University, especially to reach a better reputation at the international level.

Urakami Travel Award ACN 2015

The 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN 2015), held ini Yokohama, Japan.

Widiastuti Setyaningsih has received a travel award at the value of ‎¥300.000 in order to attend the ACN 2015 presenting an oral communication entittled “Profile of Individual Phenolics in Rice (Oryza sativa): Varietal Differences, Compounds Distribution and Composition Changes in Grains during Rice Production.” This award has been provided by Urakami Foundation for Food and Food Culture Promotion of Japan (URAKAMIZAIDAN).

Best Poster Award FAC 2014

Food Analysis Congress: Safety, Quality, Novel Technologies, held in Barcelona, Spain (FAC2014).

Widiastuti Setyaningsih won the Best Poster Award at Food Analysis Congress 2014. Her poster entittled “Application of Central Composite Design (CCD) for the Optimization of Ultrasound-assisted Extraction (UAE) of Phenolics from Corn (Zea mays)” has been selected for the award among 186 presented posters during the meeting.

The award was provided by Select Biosciences Ltd., UK in cooperation with ePoster. It is, therefore, the abstract as well as the presented poster can be accessed via ePosterss, The Online Journal of Scientific Posters (ISSN 1754-1417).

The poster can be reached through the following link: ePosters_award

Best Oral Presentation Award Ultrasonics 2014

The 1st International Conference on Ultrasonic-based Applications: From Analysis to Synthesis, held in Portugal. The Conference took place in Costa de Caparica at the 15th to 17th September 2014.

Widiastuti Setyaningsih won the Best Oral (Shot-gun) Presentation Award at Ultrasonic 2014, acknowledging her brilliant communication in delivering the result of her research entittled “Optimization of the ultrasound-assisted extraction of melatonin from red rice (Oryza sativa) grains through a response surface methodology” .

An article related to her award was remarked on the official website of the University of Cadiz: Please click here for the article

Best Oral Presentation Award ICAAA 2014

The 4th International Conference on Asia Agriculture and Animal (ICAAA 2014) held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ICAAA 2014 assigned an award to Widiastuti Setyaningsih as presenting author of an oral presentation. She achieved this award by performing a research presentation entittled “Melatonin Profile during Rice (Oryza sativa) Production.” Henceforth, her paper was selected as the best research article published in Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies (JOAAT).

An article related to her award was remarked on the official website of the University of Cadiz: Please click here for the article