UCA Diploma

Have just received the diploma of master’s degree after four (4) years of my graduation date ^^ Such a long time waiting for this important document that contains the name of the King of Spain.

It is issued by Universidad de Cadiz as a full partner institution of the Erasmus Mundus Consortium of EMQAL-European Joint Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories, to which Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), Universitetet I Bergen (Norway), Universidade do Algarve (Portugal), and Politechnika Gdanska (Poland) also belong.

By attending this international joint degree, I have the opportunity to study at the three aforementioned universities in two different countries. What a Great Experience!!

3 Responses to “Double Degree ^^”

  1. Hui-Ping

    I also got it this year….I have just waited for two half years, hoping my classmates also received it.

    • widisety

      Congratulations Hui-Ping Yuan ^^ A lot of success for you ahead!!

  2. Reza Fadhilah

    i hope you can make indonesia better in the future

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